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Author: graycatLocation: London, UK PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:41 pm    Post subject: Sharing large files
Greetings all!

I've looking into how we as a company share large files with external parties. At present we have an email limit of 10Mb and for everything over that we have a stand alone Windows based FTP server in our DMZ.

The FTP server is a fine idea though I feel it falls down in the implementation and has too high an admin overhead using only the built in functionality of Win03.

Ideally we'd like a simple to admin and use system that is as secure as practical, allows segregation of user permissions and folder level access. Beyond that it'd be great to have account expiration and even data retention categories but they're more of a nice to have.

What do you use at your place for sharing large files?

Author: Mongrel PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:11 pm    Post subject:
Hello graycat,

There are several secure solutions that come to mind.

I have experience with various SFTP solutions which are manageable and
allow folder access, time out on accounts, and are generally manageable.
Of all choices I would put these as the least manageable and most difficult
if you need regulatory compliance.

There is the choice of a VPN tunnel (IPSEC etc.) and an appliance for
directing and managing users, connections, ports, folder access, logging,
monitoring, and just about every option in the book. Generally more
expensive by much more manageable, centralized, and easily shut down
in case of emergency. Good in-house solution if regulatory compliance is

Citrix or VMWARE are both solutions in their own rights; encrypted,
logged, granular manageability, well suited for regulatory compliance.
Probably up there in operating expense but well suited for compliance.

All in all, your plans for implementation, management, ROI calculations
long term management, and possible outsourcing, will determine the best
choice for your needs.

I am unsure of the back-end applications used, but you could implement
similar programs as the major application providers who use an SSL web
interfaces. They are most likely cloud implementations with secure
outsourced computers serving up the files. IMO there must be a database
as well. Probably not FTP or SFTP. I would think this solution if properly
implemented would be high on the comliance scale with excellent
reporting, logs, backup, encryption, and other security measures.

Hopefully another member can provide more details or you might do some
research on how MS, Adobe, DELL or other companies feed large files
(hundreds of megabytes) over a secure web interface.

Best regards,

Author: Tom BairLocation: Portland, Oregon USA PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:08 pm    Post subject:
Pretty sure this does not apply to the problem, but I find myself needing to transport 2 to 7 gigibyte files to my cloud to easily access them from different laptops. Zip is just totally out of the question for this: I have started using WinRAR to split the file into several segments to send up or down from the cloud. Seems to work for me so far.

Author: alt.don PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:04 pm    Post subject:
Winrar was the only that could do those size files for me as you found out. That is a lot of data to store in the cloud. Personally not a fan of cloud storage unless it is a private one.

Author: Tom BairLocation: Portland, Oregon USA PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:52 pm    Post subject:
Wife just got a 1 terabyte USB drive for her college course, when she is done with the course, I plan to do a bit of sweet talking to get her to allow me to hook the drive up to our wifi network. I then could just access the files locally from any point.

I'm a bit distrustful of the cloud. Sure, makes sense to store offsight for safety. But I still question how secure it is. In my thoughts, it would be a hacker's dream candyland. Another issue with it is our weak national power grid. Power goes out and the web is dead. Even if you have backup power to run your systems, the cloud remains dead. Not so of your wifi network on backup power.

My overall thoughts are if you want large file storage, it would be cheaper and safer to do it off your network instead of on the Internet. Am I wrong in this thinking?

Author: alt.don PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:04 pm    Post subject:
Hi Tom, (if that is your REAL name!)

I am with you in that I don't use cloud storage for their largely lax security. Much prefer having my mini-cloud. Bummer your power-grid is so flaky.

I remain,

On the run from Yahoo

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