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Author: ra.wkLocation: UK PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:38 pm    Post subject: DOES THIS ENCRYPTION APP EXIST for Win 7 64-bit
Hi, Just joined. Here because I've downloaded lots of folder/file encryption apps in search of the perfect quick, minimal-click file or folder decryption and auto encryption app. Not found it. Hoping this is the place to be to get best advice. I'll try to keep short.

Been using Androsa File Protector on Win 7 32-bit - meant I could place short-cuts (s-c) to both encrypted and unencrypted files on a toolbar and activate AFP via right-click on relevant s-c to apply necessary encrypt or de-encrypt action - not my idea of "perfect" but neater than anything else I've found. However, lost explorer context menu option after going 64-bit on Win 7 Home Prem. Tried a Windows 64-bit hack to add r-click AFP menu option, but didn't work for me.

"Perfect" would be the following scenario: whether encrypted at folder or file level, I'd want to be able to ideally put file s-c on a toolbar (or folder link if it had to be that way) and l-click or r-click for app to kick in seeking password/key. Then, when I close the file (or, if necessary, the folder in win explorer) the file (or containing folder) would automatically be protected again, i.e. without needing to enter the encryption password/key. (In AFP I have to re-type a password when re-encrypting.)

I don't need disk or partition encryption - just need for a few key files (or folders) protected. Does anyone know of an app that can do this or comes close with 64-bit OS please?

I'm home-user: cost needs to be nil to "moderate" - not sure what latter is, but might be determined by perfection! Certainly no more than 20-30.

Hope I've explained desired operation clearly enough. Hope someone can help.

Author: capiLocation: Portugal PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:04 pm    Post subject:
Have you tried TrueCrypt? It is well known, open source, free (both in terms of cost and in terms of freedom), and it works for Windows/Linux/Mac.

TrueCrypt is mainly a disk encryption product, however it can also work with a "container" file. Instead of encrypting a partition or disk, you just tell it to create a special encrypted file and store everything in there.

To work with TrueCrypt, you open the program, tell it to open the container you desire, enter the password and then a virtual drive appears on My Computer. Everything you place in that drive is encrypted on the fly, in realtime. You can access your documents directly from the virtual drive, you can open them there and you can save them there. When you open the document it gets decrypted on the fly; when you save it, it gets encrypted on the fly.

When you are done, just click a button on TrueCrypt to tell it to unmount the virtual drive -- no password necessary.

The beauty of this is that the protected files are never actually stored decrypted anywhere, just in RAM (unless of course you save a copy outside of the virtual drive). If the power goes down while the virtual drive is open, the data will still be encrypted. There is no "reencryption" process, so there is no need for entering your password a second time.

Author: ra.wkLocation: UK PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:44 pm    Post subject:
I find I downloaded Truecrypt a year ago. Will almost certainly have tried it therefore, but I'l lupdate and try again next few days.

Author: ra.wkLocation: UK PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:10 pm    Post subject:
Update. Ha! - believe I've have found the app - AXCRYPT. Wondering how it didn't appear on radar before now. Gave up reading on-line guide (which turned into a chore) and went for some trial and error testing on a dummy file. Extremely promising and it appears to be fairly unique with combination of context menu, self encrypt option and no mounted-volume stuff. From the limited understanding I have of encryption algorithms, I believe not the strongest encryption without key-file, but has that option also. Reckon I might be sorted.

Author: Mr. Visionary PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:40 pm    Post subject:
If you're looking for encryption solutions, you could use WinRAR which has a multitude of other uses as well. Chances are you've already got it installed.

It uses 128Bit security too, link below.

Author: ra.wkLocation: UK PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:09 am    Post subject:
Thanks, I didn't know that. Axcrypt is working fine for me, but I'll take a look at WinRAR anyway.

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