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Author: TravelTechLocation: Mount Pleasant, MI PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:19 am    Post subject: Security Courses and Certificates
Howdy. I have a couple of questions about Certificates and Courses, related to Computer Security if that is allowed. I'm headed toward a career change as I see computer security as a growing industry in the future and because I love working with computer hardware and software. While I'm not formally educated in Computer Science, I have over the years educated myself and have held positions in IT and freelanced for the previous 18 years. I have a handle on Java programming, proficient with Web Application development as well as networking. I would like to get suggestions on Security Certification courses that are highly recommended and recognized by the industry. I've researched Comptia and Stanford's Software Security Programs and both seem very thorough. Comptia's program has the courses separate from the Exams while Stanford has the course and exam all in one package. I think Comptia is highly recognized but I'm not sure about Stanford's certificate. Any thoughts about these and other certificate programs would be greatly appreciated.

Networking/Security Forums -> Beginners // Misc. Computer Questions

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