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Author: zvonLocation: Toronto, Canada PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:56 pm    Post subject: Live Radio "DJ" Software
Hi there all, new to the forums and figured i'd ask this large userbase someting that has been bugging me since i've moved my primary machine to a mac.

I used to use SAM Broadcaster to broadcast my shoutcast stream to my server, worked great (sometimes). I'm trying to find out if there is anything similar on the mac that I can use, which can queue, schedule and randomize songs.

Currently on the mac Im using nicecast, soundflowerbed and Audio Hijack pro to take care of all my streaming and sound sources from my Pre-amp (two mic) setup for our talkshow. My Issues come with Itunes and it's limitations in this particular area, or my ignorance of knowing of such capabilities.


1) Is there anything on a mac that can schedule, queue and do all that fun stuff a radio program would need for the mac?

2) If not, can Itunes schedule a particular mp3 to play at particular times of the day?

Thanks all who look into this for me, Ive been trying to find soemthing for days now Sad


Networking/Security Forums -> Macintosh

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